Me2 Club Kids Online is launched!

In response to COVID-19, we have launched and piloted Me2 Club Kids! This is an online activity group for our existing children to take part in with staff and volunteers.

On Thursday 9th April, Jess and Vicky organised and ran three online scavenger hunts for Me2 Club children and siblings via video call with help from Tess and Nikki. All the children needed to find 8 items from around their houses and bring them back to show everyone else. We really enjoyed seeing all the children’s favourite toys including a remote control Monster Truck, some amazing Lego structures and lots of different cuddly toys! We also enjoyed learning some new things about the children like their favourite books, the names of their toys and even seeing some pets!

A big ‘Thank you’ to all the parents for helping set up all the technology, which made it all possible and to the children for taking part and showing us so many cool items!

Vicky and Jess are already planning another activity for a session very soon and are looking forward to seeing the children and families again.

To help us to continue supporting our families now, and when we can restart our face-to-face activities, we have launched a Covid-19 Response Appeal and you can donate here.

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