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Me2 Club is an inclusion charity for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in the Wokingham and Reading Boroughs. Our purpose is to tackle the social isolation and loneliness experienced by children not being able to access mainstream leisure activities. We are unique as we do not require a formal diagnosis to offer support.

We support children and young people aged 5-19 to take part in mainstream activities by recruiting and training volunteers to ‘buddy’ 1:1 with them (2:1 when required) so they can join in and have fun. With our help children can access a wide range of activities including sports clubs, uniformed groups and drama classes, giving them a chance to build independence and vital life and social skills.

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Additional services and projects

We have a variety of additional services and projects available to children and young people who are supported by Me2 Club volunteers including:

  • Days Away
  • Weekends Away
  • Me2 Club Teenage Meet Ups 
  • Family Parties at Christmas, Easter and during the Summer

Me2 Club is a Wokingham Borough Short Breaks Preferred Provider. All preferred providers have been vetted by Wokingham Borough Council to ensure that they have experience in providing the service, with adequate staff, skills, and knowledge. 

In 2019, we began offering children in Reading our unique support to attend a weekly activity with one of our committed and passionate volunteers. This year we will continue our managed growth to support more children and families than ever before, ensuring inclusion for all.

Last year, our Volunteers gave over 9,000 hours supporting children in Reading and Wokingham and helped:

  • 85% of our children to improve their confidence and self-esteem
  • 74% of our children to increase their independence
  • 85% of our children to build skills for life
  • 86% of our children to improve the quality of their relationships
  • 4 children gained enough independence to attend activities without their volunteer
  • 95% of our families reported feeling better emotionally and practically supported

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