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Volunteer Stories

Amy’s Story

My name is Amy and I began to volunteer with Me2 Club after hearing about the difference I could make to a young person. I volunteer with a young person doing swimming every Thursday evening. At swimming, I am there for my young person to help improve their swimming, to keep them excited and engaged in their activity and to be their supporter if they are struggling with a task. I have seen a massive improvement in my young child’s swimming ability and behaviour during the class. I really enjoy seeing my young person improve and enjoy swimming class. At first, I found it hard to communicate with my young person, but now we have a level of trust and our communication has significantly improved. This is a highly rewarding and an enjoyable experience for anyone- I would highly recommend volunteering with Me2 Club.

Sid’s Story

My name is Sid and I started volunteering with Me2 Club after hearing how valuable the experience was from a friend and what a great opportunity it would be to make a difference in the community. I volunteer with a young person at a drama group every Tuesday. I help him focus on the instructions given by the activity leader and sometimes break them down, so they are easier to understand. Over the period I have volunteered with my young person, I have watched him become more involved in the group activities. I enjoy watching my young person grow in confidence and we both have lot of fun together. Although it was hard to communicate with him when I first started, with each session I feel we have continued to build our trust in each other. Overall, it is amazing to see how much my young person enjoys drama and I would highly recommend anyone to volunteer with Me2 Club. It has been an extremely rewarding experience so far and I have learnt and improved a lot of skills.

Leah’s Story
My name is Leah and I work as a 1:1 teaching assistant. I decided to join Me2 Club to gain experience with additional needs and have been a volunteer for 3 years. I was first matched with a young boy who needed support throughout his swimming lessons. I was there to make sure he was able to understand instructions. At the end of my time with him, he was able to carry out each instruction to the best of his ability and to interact with his peers confidently. Next, I was paired with a teenage girl, supporting her through boxcerise. She is now attending the activity independently.
I am now paired with a girl called Ellie, who attends guides. At the start, Ellie found it hard to stay on task and interact with her peers. Now, Ellie is doing an amazing job, she’s able to interact with her peers and becomes more independent by the minute. It’s such a pleasure being with Ellie, she is such a ray of sunshine and is making progress all the time.
Volunteering with Me2 Club gave me skills, passion and experience that I’ll have forever. Me2 Club is like the gift that keeps on giving, not only for the young people and their parents, but it also gives us volunteers such a positive and rewarding feeling. 

Hannah’s Story
My name is Hannah and  I am a 19 year old undergraduate at the University of Reading. I decided to volunteer at Me2 Club because I wanted to gain experience and understanding of communicating with someone with additional needs, whilst developing a friendship with them.
I was matched with a girl called Courtney and I go with her to a Zumba class every week. Here, I am able to help Courtney feel more relaxed and confident in a different environment, as well as being someone she can laugh at when doing some dodgy dance moves.
It’s been an amazing experience seeing Courtney’s confidence and ability grow when repeating the same dance routines and being able to keep up with the instructor with ease. You can see both of our smiles grow as soon as the dancing has started. Overall, my favourite experience from volunteering is being able to get to know Courtney as a person and develop a friendship with her.

Billy’s Story
My name is Billy and I am currently studying towards my A-levels. I decided to volunteer with Me2 Club when I saw the difference they were making in the community. I am a Scout leader outside of Me 2 Club and saw the confidence given to young people, that allowed them to fully participate in activities and push themselves further every time.
I began swimming with my Me2 Club young person, Pierce in January 2017. During this time, I have seen a huge amount of progress. I have really seen Pierce develop in his activity and in social confidence over these few months. My being there, gives him the confidence he needs to try new things and let out his true personality – a happy, outgoing and sociable young man.
I would love to continue volunteering with Me 2 Club for the foreseeable future as, not only has it allowed Pierce to develop skills, it has allowed me to develop new skills as well. Volunteering with Me 2 Club showcases key skills that you possess to any future employers or university admissions tutors. To conclude, I would say Me 2 Club is the most fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable start to my week and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Faith’s Story
My name is Faith, and I have been working with Me2 Club for 6 years, I joined the charity when I was studying for my degree at Reading University and I was keen to engage in a range of different activities supporting children and adults. In my role I was matched with Kathryn, and together we attend Girl Guides.
I have watched Kathryn progress and develop over the years, and it is clear that the additional support has enabled her to become a more independent and confident young woman. Kathryn is able to interact with the girls, and they have taken a fond liking to her cheeky attitude. Kathryn knows her limits, and is comfortable taking a step back from certain activities – it never stops her enjoyment and fun-loving approach! Being the oldest member of the group, Kathryn now takes on a ‘helper’ role, and enjoys supporting the younger members.
Working with Me2 Club, and with my Girl Guides, has been an absolute pleasure. The hard work, commitment and fun that the staff demonstrate is one of the main reasons I have remained a volunteer for so long. The team are dedicated to the young people and their families, and their passion never ceases to amaze me. It is an honour to have been part of such a wonderful family, and I would whole-heartedly recommend the charity to families and volunteers alike.

“Me2 Club provides a fantastic service, essential to our children growing up and giving them the opportunity to access mainstream activities in their community, which makes them “part” of their community.”

Me2 Club Parent