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‘I want to give something back to the community. I want to help give back to people who aren’t able to do the things I take for granted.’
Me2 Club Volunteer

Volunteer With Us

Help children with additional needs and disabilities in your local community! Make a difference to a child’s life by volunteering with us and helping our children to be included and make friends.

Our next Volunteer Induction Training date will be confirmed in the future when advisable under Government guidelines.

COVID-19 Update – As most of you will be aware many activities like uniform groups (Scouts, Brownies etc) have been cancelled and it is likely that all activities will be cancelled by the end of the week. We have taken the decision to stop supporting at all activities therefore you are not expected to attend.
Please note the Me2 Club team are still working and your Activities and Volunteers Coordinator’s will be available via email and mobile phones. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at We will keep you informed of our intentions in the coming weeks with a view that we will be back supporting at activities as soon as possible.

Children with additional needs and disabilities across Wokingham and Reading are struggling to take part in activities as they need a little extra help to get involved. By volunteering with Me2 Club, you can help these children make friends, increase their confidence and independence whilst learning valuable skills yourself!

Have you got what it takes?

  • You are 16 years or older
  • You have just 1-2 hours a week to give
  • You have the desire to make a difference to a child’s life
  • You are happy to complete a DBS check with us

Then you’re ready to become a Me2 Club volunteer!

What can we offer you?

  • Volunteering tailored around your interests and schedule
  • 1:1 experience making friends with a child with additional needs
  • A way to keep active and support your community
  • A chance to give a local family some much needed support
  • A full day of training, so no experience is required
  • Priceless real-life experience

How it works

Our young people want to attend weekly clubs, but their additional needs and disabilities can make it difficult for them to take part in activities that you may take for granted like swimming lessons, Beavers, football, Brownies and more. The level of support our children need varies, due to the range of additional needs they have.

By becoming friends with one of our young people you can help them overcome their barriers to be included.

Fill in our application form today!

Still not sure? Hear about us from our Volunteers!

“I worried I was not the ‘right type’ of person for this role, that maybe I was too shy or not confident enough, or that it wouldn’t work for this or that reason. But at training I remember a child’s mum talking of the ‘very special’ friendship that develops between the child and their volunteer, and it was great! I wanted that to happen for me too. There is really no special knowledge that is really important to have apart from what you’ve learnt so far in life and what the training will teach you! There is no ‘volunteer’ type person. Everyone can be a great volunteer and enjoy a great experience with Me2 Club!” Me2 Club Volunteer

Additional events

In addition to volunteering at an activity, Me2 Club volunteers are also given the opportunity to come on our ‘Days Away’ and ‘Weekends Away’ with their Me2 Club young person. These are an opportunity for the young person and their volunteer to spend more time together, build a stronger relationship and for everyone to take part in lots of exciting activities. To find out more about our trips click the links and visit our events page.

We also run an EasterSummer and Christmas party each year for our Me2 Club young people, their families and volunteers. These are another opportunity for young people and their volunteers to spend time together in a friendly and non-judgemental environment, whilst having lots of fun. To find out more, please click the links and visit our events page to see upcoming party dates.

‘It was really fun and I met lots of new friends.’

Me2 Club young person