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“Tess attended our staff meeting previous to delivering the training to gain an understanding of the needs of our organisation and individual staff members.  From this information Tess compiled a Power Point presentation covering all the areas we requested. 

Tess arrived early to set up the room and laptop, etc., and was well prepared for the start of the session.  She delivered a first class presentation allowing plenty of opportunity for questions and feedback, there was a good mixture of talking from the front, group exercises, video and some physical movement as well.  Tess spoke clearly and confidently, it was evident that she has extensive knowledge of the subject, the Power Point presentation included plenty of information for us to refer to on the day and to be able to use as a point of reference afterwards.

Tess finished on time, having made up the 10 minutes we lost at the beginning because of a late start (our fault not hers!), she has followed up with an email including the presentation attached and with an invitation to contact her for more training if required.”

Testimonial from Yvonne Milligan, Operations Director JAC

Feedback from Inclusion Training

“Excellent course, could have done with it a long time ago”

“STAR was useful because it can help me identify trends in children’s behaviour”

“Great training and I have learnt lots that I can apply to my sessions”

‘It was really fun and I met lots of new friends.’

Me2 Club young person