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Challenging Behaviour:

Challenging behaviour is a sign that something isn’t working for the individual and this may be a need that is not being met or an inability to communicate their feelings. At some point, everyone has behaviour difficulties within a group setting. We can help you to examine the theory behind children’s behaviour, focusing on effective methods to pre-empt and de-escalate challenging behaviour allowing all children to enjoy and benefit from the group.
The workshop is available for anyone working within mainstream activities who are looking to develop their skills when dealing with challenging behaviours for the benefit of all. 

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Thursday 26th April 2018

Introduction to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

Children with ASD may struggle with understanding social and emotional cues and may not understand that others think differently to them. Many children on the autism spectrum have specific difficulties relating to executive function. These challenges may result in difficult behaviours that impact on not just their ability to participate in learning tasks, but also on social interactions with adults and other children. This workshop helps you gain an understanding of the difficulties faced by children with ASD.

Workshop Dates:
Monday 12th March 2018
Wednesday 11th July 2018

Managing Emotions and Sensory Processing:

This workshop will give you an understanding of emotions to be able to promote positive behaviour. It will also help you gain an insight into sensory processing and how it affects daily life and the impact it has on a child’s emotions. You will gain an understanding of sensory overload and sensory seeking behaviour.

Workshop Dates
Tuesday 6th February 2018
Monday 11th June 2018

Helping to make your Activity more Inclusive:

We examine the perceived barriers to including children with additional needs into mainstream activities and offer examples of different approaches to adapt the group so all children are involved in their own ability. There is the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice before finishing with a discussion on real scenarios. This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to ensure that all children in their group can access the activities presented.

Workshop Dates
Monday 12th March 2018
Wednesday 11th July 2018

“I certainly feel N benefitted from being able to join us in Guides and it just would not have been possible without your wonderful Me2 helpers

Activity leader