Teenage Meetup Project

‘The Me2 Club Crew’ is a monthly mobile youth club for teenagers aged 13-19 with additional needs and disabilities. It is open to all children supported by our core service. The project was developed directly in response to feedback from our beneficiaries about the lack of mainstream activities available to them and has been running since March 2019.

Our teenagers are involved in planning a variety of activities out in the local community including, cooking, using public transport, bowling, and meals out at restaurants.  

Two teenagers sitting on a train and smiling. A quote reads "I like Me2 Club meet ups because I can see my friends. We do impressions of the announcements when we are on the train. The helpers are great, I always beat them at bowling."
Two teenagers on a pedalo boat.

How it works

The project’s main outcomes include:

  • Addressing loneliness and isolation
  • Promoting lifelong learning opportunities including life skills
  • Increasing independence and confidence
  • Improving health and well being   
  • Developing relationships with peers

In March 2020, we moved the Me2 Club Crew online to continue supporting teenagers through the Covid-19 pandemic. At each session the teenagers get the opportunity to catch up with friends, share what they have been up to and take part in a variety of fun activities such as; quizzes, bingo, talent shows, sports sessions and scavenger hunts. The Me2 Club Crew will be running online until further notice.

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