Meeting on 10th May 2022 with Sue Avery, The Advocacy People, at Our House

Sue Avery talked to Wokingham young people with additional needs about their views on local health care. The Advocacy People are doing a piece of work for the local Clinical Commissioning Group about how to improve health outcomes for young people with additional needs. Home | The Advocacy People

We had a really good discussion and lots of useful feedback from the fantastic young people who attended. This feedback will help make health care more accessible for young people with additional needs. Small changes can make all the difference to improving access to GP and hospital appointments for our young people, being able to wait in a quiet area, knowing what will happen at the appointment, understanding a young person’s existing conditions are all vital.

Thank you to Building for the Future, a lovely venue with such helpful staff, and our two excellent volunteers from KPMG Natalia and Charlotte. Charity | Building For The Future | England (

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