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Roaring success at The Lion King

On Sunday 3rd of June, we took 14 of our children and young people to see the Autism-friendly performance of The Lion King. We set off from the Me2 Club office on the coach and everyone was very excited about the show with a few making new friends on the journey. After munching through our packed lunches we found our seats in the Stalls and settled in to watch the performance. All our young people were absolutely amazing and sat through the entire performance and were all captivated by the show. They particularly enjoyed all the animals who came down the aisle right next to our seats, especially the incredible elephant! Lots of our children and young people also enjoyed the songs and singing along to the parts they knew. The Autistic-friendly performance was an great opportunity for everyone to be included in the magical experience of going to the theatre and it was great to have some of the National Autistic Society volunteers who chatted with some of our young people before and after the show.

After the performance was over it was time to get back on the coach to come home. Every single young person said they would like to come on another Me2 Club trip and most also reported they had made new friends on the trip. For two of our young people this was their first trip with Me2 Club, both of them made new friends and rated the trip 10/10 and for one of those young people making his new friend was the thing he enjoyed most about the whole day.

We put a lot of time and effort into planning of the ‘Days Away’ and trying to get everything right for our young people so to see everyone enjoying themselves and making new friends really makes it all worthwhile. We would like to thank all our amazing volunteers who helped us to run the trip and ensured all the young people were well looked after during the day. We would also like to thank Willy Wonka Travel for donating the tickets, this was an amazing opportunity for our young people and volunteers and everyone had a fantastic time.

Posted on 4th June 2018

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“My experience of volunteering with S is very rewarding and I enjoy my time when I am at Guides with her. Me2 Club has given us opportunities to do different things and have different experiences”. 

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