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Our ‘zooperstars’ had a fabulous time on our ‘Day Away’

On Friday 12th April, we took 10 of our young people and their 10 volunteers to BCA for a Zoo Keeper Experience Day. After a quick change into overalls and a safety briefing we got stuck into the activities. First we went to visit the reptiles, amphibians and insects in their enclosure and as a team we collected lots of dandelion leaves, which each of the young people fed to the lizards. After they were fed the young people and volunteers got a chance to touch and hold various reptiles and insects whilst the zoo keeper told us more about each of the animals. The young people were very brave and lots of them held cockroaches, lizards, snakes and much more! Next each of the young people were given an animal feeding chart and asked to prepare one animal’s lunch. This involved finding, weighing and cutting fruit and vegetable and even catching some insects to feed to the larger animals. The young people also threaded fruit and vegetables onto strings, which we hung up for the chickens on the farm to eat. After a quick break for our own lunches we set off as a group to visit each animal in turn to feed them their lunch. Each young person and their volunteer went inside the enclosure to feed their animal. The young people fed lots of different creatures including a Kookaburra, Tamarin and Squirrel Monkeys, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Otters and Raccoons! After all the animals were fed it was time to head over to the farm where we cleared out the goat beds and enclosure and put down lots of fresh hay for them to sleep on. The groups worked really well as a team and so we took some of the goats on a walk around the fields. After the goats were put back in their pens we headed to our last activity for the day – the Meerkat encounter. The young people and volunteer got to go inside the Meerkat enclosure in small groups and stroke the Meerkats and Porcupine. Some of the Meerkats even climbed on top of the young people to reach small pieces of food which the young people loved! After everyone had their turn it was time to say goodbye to our excellent zoo keeper instructors and go home.

This trip was funded with money from the Wokingham Borough Mayor’s Gala Ball so thank you to everyone who supported that event for making this trip possible. Thanks also to our volunteers who supported the young people on the day, we would not have been able to take so many young people without your help!

To see some photos from the trip click here to view our facebook album.

Posted on 15th April 2019

Me2 Club Newsletter

“S enjoys taking part in activities that they did not like to do before, like cooking and taking part in big group games. Instead of always sitting in the corner they are now able to join the group without me even encouraging them to do so.”

Me2 Club Volunteer