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Our wet and wintry ‘Weekend Away’!

On Saturday 9th November, we took 8 children to PGL Liddington for a fun-filled Me2 Club ‘Weekend Away’. We arrived on Saturday morning and after unpacking our things and getting to know one another, we enjoyed a hot lunch together. The first activity of the weekend was ‘ball games’ which we played inside out of the very wet and windy weather! We played lots of team games including dodge-ball and tag. Next, we played ‘have a go’ games in the main activity centre, these involved a big variety of games including a bin bag fashion show, wink murder and a dance competition. The children had lots of fun together playing the games and everyone was glad to be out of the rain! After dinner, we headed for a movie night where we enjoyed watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with hot chocolate and popcorn!

On Sunday, the weather had cleared up and everyone was very excited to do some outdoor activities. The first activity was Buggy Building where we spilt into 2 teams, boys vs girls, and learnt how to construct the buggies. There was lots of good team work as the children and volunteers helped each other carry the wooden poles and barrels and tie the ropes to build their buggies. Once the buggies were finished the teams raced across the field to see which was faster! Next, we split into two different groups so the children could take part in activities we had planned for Saturday. One group enjoyed testing their skills at archery and the other group took on the vertical challenge with some of the children and volunteers making it all the way to the top! After lunch, we headed off for our final activity of the weekend the Giant Swing! For quite a few of the children this was their first time seeing a giant swing and although there were some nerves almost everyone had a go and had lots of fun swinging with the volunteers.

We are really proud of everything the children achieved during the weekend and are very grateful to all the volunteers for giving up their time to support the children on the trip. A big ‘thank you’ to Coeo, Ascot Racecourse and Cllr John Kaiser (former Wokingham Borough Mayor) for kindly funding this trip. To see more photos from the ‘Weekend Away’ click here.

Posted on 26th November 2019

Me2 Club Newsletter

“I certainly feel N benefitted from being able to join us in Guides and it just would not have been possible without your wonderful Me2 helpers

Activity leader