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Our fun-filled ‘Weekend Away’ to Fairthorne Manor

On 23rd and 24th of March, we took 8 of our young people, plus 7 volunteers, on a ‘Weekend Away’ to YMCA Fairthorne Manor in Southampton. All the young people were very excited to get on the coach and get stuck into the activities. When we arrived we quickly unpacked our things, with the children all settling into their rooms and making their beds. After a quick lunch we set off for our first activity, the obstacle course. The young people went round each obstacle having lots of fun on the swinging ropes, pirate ship and underground tyre tunnel. As a group they played different games including family ‘it’ and ‘ninja squirrel’ which everyone enjoyed, even if we all got a bit tired from so much running! The next activity was indoor archery and so after a safety briefing all the children and volunteers took turns having a go at hitting the target, one of our young people hit the bulls-eye 3 times! After archery we had some chill time and the young people played in the park outside our accommodation or played some board games inside.

We enjoyed meatballs and jacket potatoes for dinner before our campfire. Some of the children sang songs for the rest of the group around the fire and we all had a go at roasting marshmallows over the fire. We all went back into the accommodation and watched a DVD before settling into bed.

When we got up in the morning everyone was ready for another day of fun activities. We had croissants and toast for breakfast before we walked over to our first activity of the day, the low ropes course. Each of the young people were supported by two volunteers to walk across the low ropes. Everyone enjoyed having a go at the course and a couple of our young people successfully crossed the most difficult rope on the course! Next it was the crate challenge where we built a staircase out of crates and the children and their volunteer climbed the tower and built it up one crate at a time until it fell over. The young people had loads of fun climbing and building with the help of volunteers and staff and also ‘flying’ when the tower collapsed.

After the crate challenge we had a roast chicken lunch before our final activity the aerial runway. The aerial runway is a zip wire across a small ravine and almost all of the children and young people went across, which was a big success. Those who went across really enjoyed the adrenaline rush and everyone else had lots of fun cheering them on. After the zip wire we packed up our belongings and got on the coach home. All of the children said they would like to come on another Me2 Club trip!

‘Thank you’ to Berkshire Community Foundation  for awarding us funding from the NHS Fund for Respite Breaks and to the Berkshire Masonic Charity for your donation; without your support this trip would not have been possible. One parent said “Thank you, the regular updates I receive from Tess when my child is away is appreciated as I can relax mentally as well as have physical respite”. The Me2 Club team would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to our volunteers who worked so hard to help our young people for the whole weekend, we could not run these trips without their help. We are so pleased our young people had such a good time on the trip and so proud that so many of them managed to overcome their fears to take part in the activities.

Posted on 29th March 2019

Me2 Club Newsletter

“My son looks forward for Wednesday to come so he can meet his volunteer and play badminton with him. Every week I see the progress in him. Thank you very much Me2 club for making my son happy.”

Me2 Club parent