Hear from our Families

At the beginning of 2023 we sent our annual survey out to the parents and carers of children currently accessing our core service, where children are supported by a volunteer to attend weekly mainstream leisure activities. We received responses from 60% of our parents and carers and are pleased to share the survey results with… read more

Charity Trustee

About Me2 Club: Our Vision is ‘Inclusion for All’ children and teenagers with additional needs and disabilities. Every year, Me2 Club matches over 100 children who have additional needs or disabilities with committed and passionate volunteers to help them attend and take part in mainstream leisure activities. We tackle the impact of exclusion and social… read more

Hear From Our Volunteers

We are excited to share the latest insights from our volunteers who are currently matched at activities with our children and teenagers. These volunteers attend a weekly activity, such as sports clubs, uniform groups and drama classes, with a child with additional needs. The majority (82%) of the volunteers who responded to the survey have… read more

Welcome to all our new volunteers!

This month, we ran our largest training of the year so far. We met 20 new volunteers who enthusiastically learned about their role. We received some great feedback, with 95% of volunteer’s reporting an increased knowledge of additional needs after training. Volunteers rated the quality of our teaching, on average, 9/10, and 72% felt more… read more

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