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Me2 Club's Vision Statement for the future

"Inclusion for All"

Making a difference to the lives of our young people

Me2 Club’s purpose is to address the challenges of isolation and exclusion of children and young people with wide-ranging additional needs and disabilities.  We enable our young people to attend weekly mainstream leisure activities with the individual support of a trained Me2 Club volunteer.

Me2 Club’s Development Strategy

  • Support 100+ families within the Wokingham Borough
  • Meet the ongoing needs and develop new ideas for supporting Wokingham Borough  families
  • Value and reward our Volunteers
  • Listen and respond to the voices of our beneficiaries
  • Continue to deliver quality days and weekends away
  • Develop an exciting new ‘Teenage meet-up’ project aimed at addressing social isolation
  • Adapt our inclusion training programme for corporates
  • Expand Me2 Club’s core service offering into a neighbouring borough

Additional projects — Family Events, Days and Weekends Away and Inclusion Training

 Our aims and objectives are:

  • To recruit, train and develop volunteers to support young people with additional needs to attend a mainstream activity of their choice
  • Encourage young people to be independent from their families by attending a weekly mainstream activity and attending Me2 Club Weekends and Days Away
  • Provide Inclusion and Bespoke Training to activity leaders to make groups more accessible

“S enjoys taking part in activities that they did not like to do before, like cooking and taking part in big group games. Instead of always sitting in the corner they are now able to join the group without me even encouraging them to do so.”

Me2 Club Volunteer