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Welcome to Liz

We are very happy in the Me2 Club office to be back up to four members of staff this week with Liz joining us as our Fundraising Development Officer. It’s been a busy week with the launch of our new website and logo which we have been promoting on social media, take a look at our Twitter and Facebook page to see more photos of all wonderful volunteers, charities, businesses, activity leaders and young people that have been helping us promote it.

Now that we have trained our 22 new volunteers, we have been working hard at addressing our waiting list by matching our young people and volunteers, supporting more families throughout the Wokingham Borough.

Posted on 25th November 2016

“C now has a small bunch of friends who he talks to about everything. At the start he appeared kind of lonely but over time he has integrated and has people to talk to about things he enjoys!”

Me2 Club Volunteer