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Volunteer Stories

Billy’s Story
My name is Billy, I am 17 years old and an A-level student. I decided to volunteer with Me2 Club when I saw the difference they were making in the community. I am a scout leader outside of Me 2 Club and saw the confidence given to young people that allowed them to fully participate in activities and push themselves further every time.
I began swimming with my Me 2 pair, Pierce in January 2017. During this time I have seen a huge amount of progress, I have really seen Pierce develop in his activity and in social confidence over these few months. My being there gives him the confidence he needs to try new things and let out his true personality – a happy, outgoing sociable young man.
I would love to continue volunteering with Me 2 Club for the foreseeable future as not only has it allowed Pierce to develop skills, it has allowed me to develop new skills as well. Volunteering with Me 2 Club showcases key skills that you possess to any future employers or university admissions tutors. To conclude, I would say Me 2 Club is the most fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable start to my week and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Faith’s Story
My name is Faith, and I have been working with Me2 Club for 6 years, I joined the charity when I was studying for my degree at Reading University and I was keen to engage in a range of different activities supporting children and adults. In my role I was matched with Kathryn, and together we attend Girl Guides.
I have watched Kathryn progress and develop over the years, and it is clear that the additional support has enabled her to become a more independent and confident young woman. Kathryn is able to interact with the girls, and they have taken a fond liking to her cheeky attitude. Kathryn knows her limits, and is comfortable taking a step back from certain activities – it never stops her enjoyment and fun-loving approach! Being the oldest member of the group, Kathryn now takes on a ‘helper’ role, and enjoys supporting the younger members.
Working with Me2 Club, and with my Girl Guides, has been an absolute pleasure. The hard work, commitment and fun that the staff demonstrate is one of the main reasons I have remained a volunteer for so long. The team are dedicated to the young people and their families, and their passion never ceases to amaze me. It is an honour to have been part of such a wonderful family, and I would whole-heartedly recommend the charity to families and volunteers alike.

Joshua’s story
My name is Joshua and I am 17 years old. I volunteer at Me2 Club because I want to make a difference to someone’s life and bring a smile to their face. I would like to study medicine at university with the aim to use my skills to benefit others and bring more smiles back to people’s faces.
I have been participating in a Badminton Club with my Me 2 pair, Abhishek. I met him before Christmas and we first started attending the club together in January 2017. It has been really good so far. A struggled to hit the shuttle over the net at the beginning and found it difficult to return shots in the first few sessions. However, since then he has developed a consistent serve and is getting consistent at returning shuttles, especially in a game called pirates which everyone in the group plays. He always has a smile on his face when I see him and enjoys badminton. It’s great to see him improve each week and a privilege to see him thoroughly enjoying his badminton!

Lucy’s story
My name is Lucy, I am 24 years old and I work full time as a Housing Officer. I volunteered with Me2 Club as I wanted to gain more experience working with children and young people and I wanted to try a new activity.
I was partnered with a 15 year old young man called Russell and I go with him to a group badminton session every week. I am there to give him confidence and make him feel comfortable in a group environment. At first, we always played matches with each other, but over time he has built confidence to play by himself with other in the group. I think it is nice for him to know I am there and to give him confidence for the first match of the evening, but he is now much more independent and he has improved hugely in badminton too (though I have been a bit slower at improving!). I have really enjoyed playing badminton with him.

‘Thank you for all the time Me2 have given him over the past few years. We are all most grateful… Once again, thank you to yourself and all of L’s past helpers.’

Me2 Club parent