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Our Stories

What our volunteers say:

“I wanted to give back to my community and wanted the chance to volunteer for a charity with such a caring ethos. Working with R has been a pleasure, and I think I can say on his behalf just how much we both learnt – I learnt about the care and help an autism sufferer needs, and R has become so much more able in the drama group”

“My experience of volunteering with S is very rewarding and I enjoy my time when I am at Guides with her. Me2 Club has given us opportunities to do different things and have different experiences”.

“Volunteering with Me2 Club is an excellent way to gain more experience with children who have additional needs, along with there being a number of training opportunities in specialist areas (e.g. autism)”

“I’d like to thank Me2 Club for giving me this amazing opportunity and it’s been lovely getting to know J”

‘I want to give something back to the community. I want to help give back to people who aren’t able to do the things I take for granted.’

What our Me2 Club Parents say:

“Thank you to Me2 Club and staff and a massive thanks to the volunteers for giving their time”

“The best thing about Me2 Club is the support and familiarity of being part of a group. The staff and volunteers are all so lovely and friendly”

“Me2 Club has let my son not miss out on an activity or hobby every week, it’s also nice to have a break to spend time with my other children. It’s so nice to know that no one has given up on him and the volunteer supports him well”

“It’s an amazing organisation that by producing a volunteer for a small amount of time, provides so much to the child and family”

What our activity leaders say:

“I certainly feel N benefitted from being able to join us in Guides and it just would not have been possible without your wonderful Me2 helpers

“S and E are excellent. They are very mature and sensible, willing to get stuck into anything and always just so lovely.  From my point of view they are doing an excellent job.”-  Activity Leader talking about two Me2 Club volunteers who support at her Beavers group,

‘Thank you for all the time Me2 have given him over the past few years. We are all most grateful… Once again, thank you to yourself and all of L’s past helpers.’

Me2 Club parent