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Summer Family Party
"Very relaxed, good atmosphere, lovely to be somewhere you're not judged"
Me2 Club Parent

Welcome to the parents page

Here you will find further information on applying for support, a list of mainstream activity clubs in the local area, information on other local support services and stories from the families that we support.

Referring your child

If you would like one of our volunteers to support your child at a mainstream activity club, you can apply by downloading the form below and returning it to We often have a waiting list of children who need a volunteer, so once we have received your application, we will let you know roughly how long we think it will be until we are able to offer support. We encourage parents to start looking at activities prior to applying for a volunteer as this helps speed up the process. We support children and young people to get involved in mainstream activity clubs and do not provide volunteers for groups specifically aimed at young people with additional needs. Currently our volunteers are only able to support on weekdays except for in exceptional circumstances which needs Trustee board approval.

When your child is at the top of our waiting list one of our Activities and Volunteers Coordinators (AVC) will arrange a home visit, to get to know them a bit better and find a volunteer who will be a good fit. Once your AVC has found the right volunteer, they will arrange a home visit for you to meet them prior to starting at the activity club, so the volunteer can learn about the best ways to support your child.

One of our AVC’s will then attend the first couple of activity sessions with your child and their volunteer to ensure they both feel comfortable with the match and have settled into the group. After this, you will exchange contact details with the volunteer and communicate with them directly. You will always have an allocated AVC who will check in with how everything is going and discuss any issues with you.

Frequently asked questions

What sort of activities do you support at?
Me2 Club supports at a range of different mainstream activity clubs including uniformed groups (Brownies, Cubs etc.), football, swimming, badminton, art and drama clubs. The activity needs to be aimed at all children and young people (as stated above) and cannot be a group specifically aimed at children with additional needs.

Who arranges the activity?
Parents find, organise and fund the activity club for their child. Following this we will then liaise with the activity leader to ensure they know the role of the volunteer in the group. If you are unsure about clubs in the local area, then please look at our activities list or speak to one of our AVC’s about what is available.

Does my child need to have a diagnosis to be supported?
We do not require a diagnosis to provide support, if you feel your child needs extra support to take part in a mainstream activity club then you can apply directly to Me2 Club using the application form.

Can I apply for a volunteer if I don’t live in the Wokingham Borough?
We are a Wokingham Borough Charity we are only able to support young people with additional needs whose home address is in the Wokingham Borough.

Can I have a volunteer to support at more than one activity?
Due to the amount of applications we receive, we are only able to support each child at one activity club.

Additional services

In addition to our core service, Me2 Club offer ‘Days Away’ and ‘Weekends Away’ for our young people and their volunteers throughout the year. These are an opportunity for the young people and their volunteers to spend more time together, build a stronger relationship and for our young people to take part in lots of fun activities. To find out more about our trips click the links and visit our events page.

We also run an Easter, Summer and Christmas party each year for our Me2 Club young people, their families and volunteers. These are an opportunity for our families and young people to meet each other and spend time in a friendly and non-judgemental environment, whilst having lots of fun. To find out more, please click the links and visit our events page to see upcoming party dates.

“My experience of volunteering with S is very rewarding and I enjoy my time when I am at Guides with her. Me2 Club has given us opportunities to do different things and have different experiences”. 

Me2 Club volunteer