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Weekends Away

Me2 Club has been running residential Weekend Away trips for our young people and their volunteers since 2010.  We run 3 trips per year and take between 8-10 children/young people. The weekends include a wide range of activities such as canoeing, archery, raft building, caving and rope courses. These activities can be adapted to ensure that everyone can have a go, regardless of physical ability.

For a number of these young people, this will be their first time spending a night away from immediate family. Many of our young people are not invited to sleepovers or able to attend events such as Scout/Brownie camps independently for a variety of reasons. These weekends help our young people to increase their independence skills, get to know their volunteers better and give them an opportunity to socialise with their peers. Weekends Away can be a beneficial time for family members too!  It can offer respite and allow for time to be spent with other family members doing something which might otherwise be difficult to fit in.

Weekends Away are available to young people who are currently supported by Me2 Club. If your child would like to come with us for one of the residential trips Away please respond to the invitation that is sent out via email near the dates of the trip and check out our events page for upcoming dates.

Teenage Weekend Away

In October 2015 we launched our first Teenage Weekend Away with more challenging activities including some team building and life skills. The weekend was a huge success with 100% of the parents stating that their son/daughter had increased confidence and every young person who attended expressed an interest in attending another Weekend Away.

The trip started with our young people going to the local supermarket to buy snacks for the trip.  Independence was a key focus for the weekend, keeping rooms clean and choosing their own meals were encouraged along with a range of activities such as team raft building.  There was also a strong focus on down time, listening to music and socialising with other young people on the trip.  A film night was a favourite part of the weekend for most of the young people.

Since 2015 we have continued to run 1 Teenager Weekend Away each year. Most recently our teenagers went on a trip to Green Park Activity center near Aylesbury. On the Saturday, before heading to Green Park we went to the shops to buy food for our barbecue that evening. We arrived at Green Park and settled into our rooms before heading to our first activity, trebuchet building. The teenagers split into teams to build their trebuchet before seeing who could send their tennis balls further. Next we headed to the climbing wall where all the teenagers got the chance to climb and belay, even the volunteers and staff had a go too! After climbing it was time to prepare our barbecue. The teenagers chopped up vegetables to make veggie kebabs and some even helped cooking on the barbecue. In the evening we set up a cinema screen and watched a film while some of the teenagers enjoyed painting their nails. On Sunday we started the day with archery before heading to the zip wire. Many of the teenagers braved the zip wire while others managed to get to the top of the tower and enjoy the view, choosing the come down via the stairs. Our final activity was mountain biking where everyone got the chance to try some adapted bikes before getting on the coach to come home.

The details of our next Weekend Away will be available on our events page when the dates have been set.

Weekend Away Feedback

Weekend Away Feedback:

“Thank you this was Epic!”- Me2 Club young person

“I liked everything, the best trip ever!!” –Me2 Club young person

“I enjoyed helping S try lots of activities we wouldn’t usually be able to try at Brownies. I think she trusts me a lot more to help her with new activities like ‘team challenge’”- Me2 Club Volunteer

“I have enjoyed trying new things and having the responsibility of looking after S. We became closer and this will help with Beavers”- Me2 Club Volunteer

“N feels more independent and confident about going to new places and meeting new people” Me2 Club Parent

“Having the Weekends Away is a fabulous ‘add on’ to the core service that the Me2 Club provides. We don’t receive any other respite so just to have some down time was wonderful. It was huge benefit for us and a great benefit for T too” Me2 Club Parent

“My son looks forward for Wednesday to come so he can meet his volunteer and play badminton with him. Every week I see the progress in him. Thank you very much Me2 club for making my son happy.”

Me2 Club parent